Researchers Found an Amazing Fad Solution to Lessen Migraine!


TRENDY AND HEALTHY. Rose-colored glasses were indeed proven to lessen migraine a recent study showed.

A life filled with migraines is definitely a life that is hardly to dwell on. Migraine instances can happen to any person without any warning and can strike at any point and at any place of our everyday undertakings. If you want to improve the quality of your life, you certainly want to test these recent study where it found that tinted and stylish glasses helps to eliminate tendencies of migraine occurrences.

The said study learned that wearing fashionable tinted glasses lower down a person’s exposure to pain caused by migraine. Well, having that technicolor vision glasses might not just mean a stress-free and optimistic perspective of the world but likewise headache free too!

In addition, there were past researches where it established that a person susceptible in viewing busy patterns like stripes were found to have greater chances of having migraines. But, tinted or color-screened glasses aids to obstruct some of these visual stress which these patterns bring out. Thus, experts decided to run-through series of exams whether these theory on colored glasses indeed help a person to have pain-free head.

Brain scans of the said study found that tinted lenses gives minimal visual discomfort than normal-toned glasses. It tested using some subjects during the study, which showed that those who wore colored glasses had higher activation in the visual cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible in helping us to correct any noise within the visual patterns. The healing relief these tinted glasses give would likely aid in eliminating migraines that would occur in the future.

Well, looks like our fashionable tinted eyewear does not only give us a stylish aura but a healthful optics as well!
(Disclaimer: some of reports stated on this article was based from the authors readings on the study “Wearing Tinted Glasses Reduces Migraine Symptoms”);u=137823;sa=summary

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