Be Inspired by the Million Dollar ‘Outrageous Ideas’


CELEBRITY SPANX. Jessica Alba is one of the many array of stars who is impressed with the "pantyhose" experience.

It has been on my mind for several weeks now: I want to start my own business. A small enterprise that interests me and make me shed most of my years thinking how to expand and innovate it more. The thing about this is that I am not sure which or what to market. Okay, I am writer and obviously I want my soon-to-be business have a link with my craft. So what now?

My friends were telling me that having a business connected with writing might be a crazy idea that will only lose the little savings I have. They suggested that I try something which is trending nowadays and settle for a rather general or constraint target market; they suggested that I opened an online shop. I was actually opting for their ideas and discarded my first choice. So, I went surfing the web till the wee hours last night for some sort of “inspiration” for my said business venture, I landed on an article at YahooNews written by Michelle Fox, 9 Ideas That Made $100 Million.

The article interests me for it features some of the established businesses in the country which started with unique (and crazy) ideas that later ended with lots of revenues and customer popularity.

Spunky Spanx
Spanx, for example, was from Sara Blakely’s pantyhose idea. With some thousands dollars in her savings, she convinced some mill owners in North Carolina to make her patented product but most of them declined her offer, except for one. Soon after that, Blakely’s Spanx hit most high-end department stores and have sold several thousands for only 3 months. Now, Spanx has does not only include footless pantyhose but a wide array of body-slimming undergarments, swim wears like bathing suits and active wear. Sales have been impressively high in 2008, where it earned an estimated $350 million.

Ideal-ly “Life is Good”
Had my first shirt of this clothing line and ever since regarded it as a unique creation. No wonder it was listed in Fox’s article. “Life is Good” is the genius behind Bert and John Jacob’s optimistic mind. The simple message the company sends and the little cartoon figure called Jake design were all hit on the market though it also had a blurry grasp of success during its humble beginnings. Now, Jake is all over towels, totes, coffee mugs, caps and dog leashes aside from their crusher tees. And business these days is booming according to the article at about $100 million of sales.

These two giant companies are just two of the 9 other inspiring starts Michelle Fox have cited. And after reading it, I know too that I can come up with a unique business focused on my writing craft. I have so many ideas sprouting now, and for sure this will be tangible ones in the next few days. Well, if it will not work out. I can try and try again until I will gain my spotlight. After all, those 9 uniquely thought of ideas also had their bad times, so why can’t I, right?

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I always dreamed of becoming a writer when I grow up. And when I have reached an inch close to these goal, I always grab every opportunity to prove my worth in these competitive and challenging world. Lately, I am into article marketing for an seo expert. I realized that my love for this craft is essential in the world of search engine optimization. Words is definitely important for the rankings.

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