I am person who always believe that there are reasons why certain circumstance occur. I dwell on the feeling that independence can bring you to several places while clinging can get you only to scarce and solid grounds. Needless to say, I strive for the betterment of my self and is always on the path of testing my waters. I do prefer people to perceive me as instinctively unapproachable and indifferent. It doesn’t matter though what they say or think towards me. As much as possible, I see to it that I remain civil with others away from the proximity of my loved ones. I don’t want to be stern but my life’s experience taught me that giving importance to those you treasure may not give you the direct importance you shed for them, so it’s better stayed on that level.

Professionally, I work as a writing squire. I just finished my degree in Journalism and still on the process of knowing what I really want. I too plan to test my luck on law because my parents always want me to be that way. Sadly they all went ahead of me to heaven. Anyway, in my current job as a writer, I have learned so many things. It’s always been an everyday quest for learnings and new ideas. I see to it that my write-ups include freshness of thoughts and updates of worldly goodness. My concentration is with current events, celebrity fads, health and technical stuffs such as search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

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